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Saturday, March 10, 2012

REVIEW: MAC Two Glow Eyeshadow.

Ah the fabulous MAC!
My second review for you is but of course for MAC's Two Glow Eyeshadow.

cost: $20 - $30
rating: 3/5

So, here we go -
I didn't actually purchase this product as such (it was a gift), and to be perfectly honest with you, considering the price - i'm glad I didn't!

This warm golden, bronze colour of this eyeshadow shimmers like fairy dust and comes in a typical mac pot (only available in pot form unfortunately), with not one, but two intertwining swirls of eyeshadow delight. This pot of gold is most certainly a party favourite.

Before I go on, funny story first: When I was given this item at the begining of the year I was using it as a bronzer for the underside of my cheekbones for practically a month before I flipped it over and saw that it was actually an eyeshadow! But I have to say, it does make a FABULOUS bronzer if your going for that slightly tanned, shimmery, party goer look - which is always a must.
Although, when I did find out it was an eyeshadow it got me thinking (not that it stopped me from using it as a bronzer), this product was HUGE for a mac eyeshadow pot (which I suppose there are multiple ones like this, but bear with me here) - To be perfectly honest with you it's either an oversized eyeshadow (which is completely unnecessary) or an undersized bronzer (not cool bro, not cool).
Oh goodness i'm making this product sound awful.
- Ok, so apart from its stupid size, and annoying price, it is actually both a fabulous eyeshadow and bronzer!

If your actually planning on using it on your eyes, its great for defining your upper crease, or as an all over lid shadow (its just so sparkly how can I resist!).
But if you not into the whole: "All that glitters is FAB" thing, then this product probably isn't for you - being highly pigmented and all.

So for me, considering I didn't have to actually purchase the item and I love this natural glittery look, i'd give it a 4/5 - but if you do have to buy it, probably more around a 3/5 unfortunatley (but hey, there are always birthdays and Christmas for these kinds of things right?).

Hope I didn't corrupt you MAC mind too much,

Love Georgie xo
PS. Brushes below

For me personally,
I use an all over eye blender (for my lid) or a contour blending brush (for my crease) when i'm using it as a shadow.
All over eye-blender
Contour blending
But, if your using it as a bronzer - an angled bronzing brush is probably the way to go, just so that you can be that perfect defined look. 

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