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Friday, March 9, 2012

hey hey!
welcome to GLAMBITION.
so i've been keeping up with aaaalot of makeup blogs latley and it got me thinking:
"hey? why can't i do that? i have a tonne of makeup!!"

yeah i know, cool story huh?

but all in all, i'm super excited to launch my new blog, http://georgiesglambition.blogspot.com.au/.
but i'm sure you already had that one figured out.

a little bit about me and my blog to start you off:
ok, sooo, my names georgie, i live in the beautiful sydney, australia, i'm 16 and have a new found obsession for makeup! (after my super awesome trip to new york with my best friend emily - pictures to come eventually).

basically, this blog is going to be all about my obsession with makeup (reviews, hauls and shoots) plus a little bit of inside social life stuff - geeet excited!

thanks all for listening to my rant!
have a glambitious day and keep looking beautiful! xo

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