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Sunday, March 11, 2012

FAVOURITES: Top 10 Lipgloss Products

Now I'm not the biggest lipgloss wearer in the world. I think it may be because I just can't eat with it (and trust me, I eat all the time).
But regardless, here we go,
My personal favourite top 10 lipgloss's:

1. Benefit's Benetint Lip Balm: W/ SPF 15 + and Vitamin E, this gorgeous gloss gives your lips a lovely ruby red shine - plus it feels like jelly and smells like gummy lollies!

2. Bloom Aromatherapy Lip Balm: Yes, I know it's not exactly a "lipgloss" as such, but it does give a nice natural shine to your lips if your looking for something a little more low key. Plus, it moisturises! 

3. Urban Rituelle Lip Gloss: This amazing gloss smells of mint, lime and vanilla and not only moisturises your lips, but it's great for a top coat gloss over your favourite lipstick or alone for some added shine.

4. Elf's Hyper-shine Gloss's: These gloss's are perfect! I love the applicator at the top, and they all smell like cotton candy. Perfect for a natural look.

5. Max Factor's Vibrant Curve Effect Mini Series: I love these gloss's, these are only two of the five colours that I have, but even so these are by far my favourite ones. They are perfect consistency and add a lovely shine. Plus, they're cheap and last forever!

6. Rimmel London Vinyl Gloss (Mirror Shine): Smells lemon and strawberries and gives the lips a plump, finished look. Perfect for single use or over a light coloured lipstick.

7. David Jones Ultra Shine Lipgloss's: I'm not normally into "home brand" buying, but I thought I would give these a go, and it was DEFINITELY worth it. The gorgeous colours, and especially the clear gloss work fantastically over lipstick and don't wear off easily. 

8. CATWALK Glass Like Finish: Love this for night-time wear. It has a great shine/sparkle to it and the colour is utterly to die for (the photo doesn't do it justice).

9. Choose CHI CHI Pop Gloss: Haha. I know the colours look funky, but honestly that purple colour is beautiful and fabulous, and actually leaves more of a silver shine on your lips.  

10. Last of all: Revlon's Lip Gloss A Lé  Res: Great colour, great consistency and a fabulous colour! Only downside is you can only wear it on its own because the colour is very strong. 


  1. i really want the benetint now, haha you make it sound so yummmy!!!!!

  2. Great post :) I love lip balms and lip glosses!

  3. I really want to try the benefit one and number 10 looks amazing. Awesome post I love it and it was very informative. I just found your blog and I'm a new follower now !


  4. I don't see as GFC please add and let me know so I can follow you! :)


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